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Camp Dilly promises all the comforts and luxury of the room. The rooms make the guest feel close to nature,where you can see just greenery from the windows and also a cosy place to relax after the thrilling adventures and a fun filled day. Comfort and Adventure and Safety… a fun package in totality!


Perfectly placed in the sprawling Camp Dilly are the tents. Each tent is a little space to rest and be one with the nature in a natural form and be closest to the nature. It is an experience to rejuvenate and give the feel of camping, and also a familiarity with the adventure of living in open yet being secure and safe.


A venue with a menu ….. At Camp Dilly, the Banquet provides with best of ambiance and theme for a perfect get together-be it formal or informal one. With our well trained staff and team, the occasion becomes a life time memory.

It proves to be a perfect choice with comforts and interiors for kitty party, birthday celebration, personal meets, corporate events, conferences, ceremonies and marriage occasions.

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