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Sisva, Borsad, Anand

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Rooms at Camp Dilly


Camp Dilly promises its adventurers rooms that exceed their wildest dreams and expectations. We are confident that with in-house maintenance and a transfixing evergreen outdoor scenery, you will cross going back home off your bucket list.


Tents have their own area at Camp Dilly. To avoid overcrowding, each tent is placed in close proximity to one another. These permanent tents are set up on raised tile platforms to provide the most comfort in a rustic setting. Quality beds and seats complement the tents for your comfort.

Rooms at Camp Dilly
Sky Room - Camp Dilly

Sky Room

If you enjoy heights, the sky room balcony is ideal. It is a place where you can see Camp Dilly at a glance. It is a very good star gazing sight. This is all the fun in one place. Find yourself in a fresh breeze, laughing with friends, as well as connecting with mother nature.

Cross camp

The cross camp at Camp Dilly is the best place to visit, with a total capacity of 28 people. It is a low-cost, hostel-like experience that will bring together the entire friend and family group. Participate in our traditional childhood games while surrounded by mother nature. It’s a fantastic living and working environment for everyone.
Cross Room - Camp Dilly
Banquet Hall at Camp Dilly


Banquet by Camp Dilly is an ideal place for hosting all types Events and Gatherings for up-to 300 pax no matter what the occasion or your theme.


This is the place where you can get all of the best menu items as a buffet, making your mouth water and leaving you with Overwhelming feelings.
Gazebo at Camp Dilly
Marriage at Camp dilly

Green Lawns (for Multi-purpose)

We will meet all of your needs as a team with our beautifully curated and enthralling open space gardens, for your Multi-purpose requirements.

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