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(+91) 77770 77225

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Sisva, Borsad, Anand

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Training Modules


Time Management

Effective Listening

Observation Skills


Motivation & Productivity Enhancement

Performance Management & Counseling

Competency Based Interviewing Skills

Competency Mapping

Design of Assessment & Development Centers


Leading and Managing Change

Developing High-Performance Teams

Managing and Resolving Workplace Conflict

Strategic Planning

Results-Oriented Performance Evaluation

Team building Programmes

For Intact teams & Supply chains

For Alignment of top teams

For Leading and Managing Across Cultures

For Valuing Diversity in the Workplace

For Working Successfully in Global Multicultural Teams

Outdoor based Programmes


Creativity and unlocking potential

Induction in organizations for fresh recruits.


Self awareness and development

Programmes using tools


Type profiling

Workshops (indoors and outbound)

Leadership style

Dealing with change

Teaming by appreciating and complimenting differences

Developmental work through exploration


Teaming by appreciating and complimenting differences

Type profiling

Workshops (indoors and outbound)

Leadership style

Dealing with change

Developmental work through exploration


Team Role Profile

Team configuration – strengths and weakness

Effective team players

Indoor Workshops

Outbound Workshops

Teaming by appreciating and complimenting differences

Johari window

Expression articulation about self and other

Workshops (indoors and outbound)

Vision and values workshop

Communicating Across Cultures

Understanding Change & Decision-making

Self awareness and development

Enhancing teamwork through effective feedback

Training Modules using Outdoors as medium

Team Bonding

Becoming Effective Team Players

Leadership – For Middle Management

Leadership – For Managers in IT & BPO

Alignment – For Middle Management, Top Teams

Induction – For Fresh Campus Recruits

Integration of Teams – with Project Teams, Client teams

Exploring & Aligning HR Team

Assessment Centers through Outdoors & Activities

Personal Profiling through Outdoors & Activities

Role Explorations & Realignments using Outdoors

Exploring Work Life Balance – For all levels

Strategy & Action Planning using Outdoors

Team Building - Working teams, Cross Functional Teams, Top teams

Leadership – for First Level Leaders

Leadership - Top Teams

Managing Change

Exploration of Self & Roles – For Star Performers or Potential Leaders

Induction – For Lateral Recruits

Gearing for Future - Change of scope, strategy & Speed

Train the Trainer for OMD

Team Profiling through Outdoors & Activities

Top Team Integration along with Families

Developmental Programme for Supervisors & Workers

Workforce & Management Integration.

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